ASUMH Receives Continued Accreditation by Higher Learning Commission

Dr. Robin Myers, Chancellor of Arkansas State University-Mountain Home (ASUMH) announced notification of continued accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) at the institution’s convocation meeting on August 13, 2018.  The decision follows a three-year process of internal review, submission of an assurance report to the HLC and a visit by members of the HLC visiting team to the ASUMH campus.

“I am so proud of our leadership team at ASUMH and the college staff and students for their outstanding commitment to this great institution that is evidenced by this report,” said Myers.

Officially established as Arkansas State University-Mountain Home in 1995 but still accredited as part of the university, ASUMH sought and received its initial, five-year independent accreditation from the HLC in 2003. The HLC’s comprehensive visit in 2008 resulted in the College’s continued accreditation for a period of 10 years and necessitated this 2017-2018 Reaffirmation Review.  In the document accompanying its letter of notification of continued accreditation, the HLC visiting team made note of “the local community’s support and investment in ASUMH, and the level of trust, dedication, and collegiality among all constituents as well as undeniable support and appreciation for an administration that is extremely invested in shared governance and transparency.”

Key remarks pulled from the final report include the following:

1 – Mission: The institution’s mission is clear and articulated publicly; it guides the institution’s operations.

• “When a Team member asked faculty how many had worked at the college for 10 years or more, approximately 60% of those in attendance raised their hands. Several made comments about the joy and pride they feel in working for ASUMH and helping students achieve their educational or personal goals.”

• “One student told a Team member that prior to attending ASUMH, he hadn’t expected to succeed in college and never really thought he would complete a college degree, but the ‘family atmosphere,’ helpful faculty, and friendly classmates had changed his mind. This student who thought he wouldn’t succeed is on track to complete the Nursing program in May.”

• “Administrators shared with the Team their good fortune in benefiting from the generous retired population who come to campus to participate in the Golden Agers Program and/or enjoy a show or a concert. The Team was able to witness this first-hand as members beheld donated Rembrandts, Grecian busts, and Japanese and Chinese glassware. These gifts serve as tangible proof of ASUMH’s status as ‘treasured’ and of a sincere appreciation that flows in all directions.”

• “While on site, the Team could not help but recognize that ASUMH is a place where students want to learn, teachers want to teach, support staff want to support, and administrators want to lead. The sense of community and mutual trust and support witnessed by the Team while on site cannot be overemphasized.”

2 – Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct

• “It was evident in Team discussions with three members of the Board of Visitors, that they take their role quite seriously and, similar to the Board of Trustees, expressed their appreciation of the leadership and vision that Chancellor Myers has brought to ASUMH, particularly in expanding the technical programs and in opening the ASUMH Secondary (Workforce Technical) Center.”

• “On the ASUMH campus, the Team encountered nothing but openness, inclusiveness, and collegiality. Student artwork was displayed side-by-side with faculty and professional artists’ work. Students reported that they could ’be themselves’ while at ASUMH, and faculty and staff spoke of the family-type environment in which they felt comfortable sharing ideas or being different without the fear of isolation or ridicule.”

• “All in all, the tone on the ASUMH campus was one of inclusivity and appreciation as well as celebration of differences, thus leading to the Team’s conclusion that freedom of expression is alive and well at ASUMH.”

• “While ASUMH is undoubtedly accountable to its governing and accrediting bodies, its internal and external auditors, and its constituents in Baxter and Marion Counties, it is the college’s pronounced commitment to genuine transparency and true shared governance that best substantiate its dedication to integrity in all matters. A true sense of integrity as well as dedication to students in all matters permeates the college campus.”

3 – Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources, and Support

• “In addition to the evidence files, in Team sessions with ASUMH personnel, the faculty and staff eloquently expressed their understanding of the importance of general education to assure that graduates, no matter their earned credential, leave the College with the skills that will help them succeed in both employment and in life.”

• “In their session with the Team, students discussed how connected they are to the faculty. A few shared poignant stories that outlined how caring, committed, and responsive faculty members have been in interacting with them both inside and outside of the classroom.”

• “The most common theme addressed the faculty’s patience and dedication during classes and in faculty-student tutoring sessions. One students remarked, they – the faculty – really care.”

• “During the meeting with community leaders, the Team learned that when several community members became aware that there were local high school students who could not attend because their parents’ income deemed them ineligible for financial aid, community members responded by creating a scholarship fund to ensure that any local high school graduate who desires a college education could apply for this scholarship to attend ASUMH without financial burden. This is both literally and figuratively an example of community commitment to ASUMH and its students.”

4 – Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement

• “During the HLC visit, faculty and staff lauded the importance and assistance of degree-specific advisory committees that meet biannually to discuss best practices, trends, and co-curricular opportunities (e.g., internships, apprenticeships) that are accessible to ASUMH students and relevant to enhancing their educational and/or career-related skills.”

• “ASUMH engages in practices and procedures that are student centered, data-driven, collaborative, and aligned with best practices in higher education.”

• “ASUMH develops long-term goals every five years, and then all College employees are invited to share their ideas for implementing annual strategic plans under the umbrella of the long-term goals. Once specific plans are adopted, the budgeting process begins. Staff and faculty reported to the Team that they are active participants in this planning and budgeting process and reiterated that departmental budget requests are approved only if they align with one of the long-term goals and link to a priority in the annual strategic plan. This assures that planning (both long-term and annual) and budgeting priorities align with the mission.”

5 – Resources, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness

• “In the fiscal year 2017/2018, ASU received flat funding from the state. In addition, ASUMH experienced a decline in enrollment. Despite these common higher education challenges, the institution has the resources and infrastructure sufficient to support its comprehensive operations as evident by publicly available audited financial statements (ASU website).”

• “As a small public institution, ASUMH is experiencing the financial challenges of flat state support and declining enrollment. In response, the community has increased its giving and involvement with the College.”

• “The Chancellor of the College has earned the trust and respect of the community and of internal stakeholders.”

The report, indicates that ASUMH met each of the five components of review with no interim monitoring recommended.  ASUMH was reaffirmed through the next reaffirmation of accreditation, which will occur in 2027-2028.

“It was a stellar report; the best I have ever read. I can truly thank the faculty, staff and community members for helping the Higher Learning Commission recognize ASUMH for the outstanding institution that we are,” said Dr. Martin Eggensperger, Vice Chancellor for Academics at ASUMH and chairman of the HLC Steering Committee at ASUMH.


ASUMH Registration Going on Now for Summer II and Fall Classes

Registration for Summer II classes and Fall classes is going on now at Arkansas State University-Mountain Home (ASUMH). The Summer II term begins on July 2 and Fall classes begin August 20. Advisors and admissions representatives are on hand on the third floor of Roller Hall at ASUMH to help students apply for admission and choose a course schedule, based on their intended major. Financial aid representatives are also available to assist with filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and other scholarship applications. Enrollment may also be done online at or by calling the Admissions counselors at 870-508-6100. text ad

For assistance with admissions, registration or financial aid, please call 870-508-6109 or stop by Roller Hall, third floor, to get started.

Spring 2018 Chancellor’s List and Vice Chancellor’s List Named at ASUMH

Spring 2018 scholars at Arkansas State University-Mountain Home have been named to the Chancellor’s List and Vice Chancellor’s List.  Students who have a 4.0-grade point average are on the Chancellor’s List, and students who have a 3.6 to 3.99-grade point average are on the Vice Chancellor’s List.  Students must have 12 credit hours of college-level coursework in the semester for which they are named to the lists.

Chancellor’s List:

Gerald Allen Viola AR
Alysa Anderson Gassville AR
Austin Apple Gassville AR
Christie Berg Flippin AR
Angela Berry Mountain Home AR
Chris Bogowith Gainesville MO
Joseph Bogowith Gainesville MO
Katie Brueckner Salem AR
Samantha Burke Mountain Home AR
Jose Carrion Yellville AR
Jonathan Chapman Flippin AR
Kaytie Chapman Flippin AR
Bailee Ciampi Mountain Home AR
Tabitha Clouse Gassville AR
Kelly Connelly Mountain Home AR
Carol Cresanto Mountain Home AR
Megan Crouch Ash Flat AR
Misty Davis Forrest City AR
Kelsey Dodson Harrison AR
Steven Douglas Mountain Home AR
Kyli Duffy Summit AR
Stephen Dunn Mountain Home AR
Lilly Fisher Bull Shoals AR
Maysa Fouts Mountain Home AR
Joseph Gentry Flippin AR
Jason Hickman Lakeview AR
Micah Hudson Mountain Home AR
Lacie Jennings Yellville AR
Ashley Johnson Flippin AR
Shelby Kelley Midway AR
Patrick Kelso Mountain Home AR
Rosella Kowalsky Mountain Home AR
Michael Leppold Mountain Home AR
Robby Lockeby Mountain Home AR
Jimmy Martin Mountain Home AR
Mitchell McDonald Mountain Home AR
Douglas Meurer Mountain Home AR
Jana Moreau Pyatt AR
Jenny Nassimbene Mountain Home AR
Jeremy Oakes Mountain Home AR
Tala Oates Lakeview AR
Emily Perryman Viola AR
Ashley Priborsky Mountain Home AR
Emily Rushing Mountain Home AR
Charleen Sanford Bull Shoals AR
Lee Scholl Mountain Home AR
Jeremy Sharp Mountain Home AR
Tyler Shaw Mountain Home AR
Robert Simmons Mountain Home AR
Lisa Smith Yellville AR
Angelina Soliz Yellville AR
Raschelle Sowell Salesville AR
Sarah Strode Mountain Home AR
Daniel Sullivan Mountain Home AR
Abraham Unwer Yellville AR
Brian Weichmann Yellville AR
Kailey Williams Mountain Home AR
Eldita Wood Summit AR
April Woods Norfork AR

Vice Chancellor’s List:

Anthony Aguado Yellville AR
David Arwood Mountain Home AR
Jacob Beaver Flippin AR
Tristan Caja Mountain Home AR
Aria Clifton Mountain Home AR
Sydney Colburn Mountain Home AR
James Cox Gassville AR
Rebekah Crowley Mountain Home AR
Jacob Davis Norfork AR
Shannon Diederichs Mountain Home AR
Myriah Endres Mountain Home AR
Caitlyn Fitzgerald Mountain Home AR
Courtney Fitzgerald Fayetteville AR
Wilhelm Fody Mountain Home AR
Tyler Garlin Conway AR
Eric Gonzales Mountain Home AR
Kristi Goodale Caruthersville MO
Daisy Haggard Gassville AR
Amber Hamblen Mountain Home AR
Evan Hestley Gamaliel AR
Christal Hiler Mountain Home AR
Collin Hill Forrest City AR
Tristen Hobbs Oakland AR
Michael House Mountain Home AR
Katarina Humbert Henderson AR
Amanda Ivens Gassville AR
Nicolas Jones Yellville AR
Cullen Kelly Norfork AR
Russell Kleppe Mountain Home AR
Anna Lang Mountain Home AR
Brian Lofton Mountain Home AR
Brett Lynch Gassville AR
Amber Marler Mountain Home AR
Bethany Maskell Mountain Home AR
Andrew McCollum Mountain Home AR
Brianna Moray Gainesville MO
Caleb Moser Mountain Home AR
Curtis Mowry Mountain Home AR
Steven Prather Mountain Home AR
Bryce Randall Yellville AR
Garrett Rasmussen Gassville AR
Charles Rehrig Gassville AR
Robert Rodgers Gamaliel AR
Hunter Ryan Cotter AR
Kody Smith Caulfield MO
Ryan Sowell Salesville AR
Adam St. Laurent Yellville AR
Andrew Stevens Mountain Home AR
Peter Stromquist Mountain Home AR
Noah Strout Mountain Home AR
Matthew Thomas Yellville AR
Dakota Tolliver Cotter AR
Lorynda Tye Mountain Home AR
Megan Urban Cotter AR
Daphne Vann Gassville AR
Dara Wilkes Jacksonville AR
Jacqueline Wood Mountain Home AR
Olivia Yearwood Mountain Home AR

For more information, contact the Office of Admissions at (870) 508-6109.

Fulcher and Heldenbrand Honored at ASUMH as Faculty and Staff Members of the Year

On May 14, 2018, during Arkansas State University-Mountain Home’s twenty-second commencement ceremony, two members of the ASUMH family were recognized for outstanding service.  Mindy Fulcher was named the ASUMH 2017-2018 Faculty Member of the Year, and Roberta Heldenbrand was named the 2017-2018 Staff Member of the Year.

Fulcher has been with ASUMH since August 2013 and is currently an instructor at ASUMH in art, graphic design and web design.  Fulcher is also the graphic designer for ASUMH’s marketing department.  She holds an Associate of Arts from Arkansas State University-Mountain Home, a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Arkansas State University-Jonesboro, and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Memphis.

Heldenbrand has worked for ASUMH since September 2003. She holds an Associate of Arts degree and an Associate of Applied Science degree from ASUMH and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Arkansas-Little Rock. Heldenbrand is the payroll technician for ASUMH.

Both received plaques from Dr. Robin Myers, Chancellor of ASUMH, and Dr. Tim Langford, Chairman of the ASU Board of Trustees, designating their honors during the commencement ceremony.  An election is held to choose the awards from the faculty and staff each year at ASUMH.

Pictured (left to right): Myers, Langford, Fulcher; Myers, Heldenbrand, Langford

13th Annual Digital Photography Contest Winners Announced

11 Donell Russell PL

Winners of the 13th Annual Digital Photography Contest have been announced. The contest is sponsored by Arkansas State University-Mountain Home (ASUMH), Integrity First Bank, The Baxter Bulletin and Donald W. Reynolds Library serving Baxter County. Exhibition of all 2018 entries will be available online at and on a new digital, interactive public display at our contest’s sponsor locations beginning on the second floor of the Vada Sheid Community Development Center (The Sheid) through June 8. The exhibit will then be transferred to Integrity First Bank from June 11 – 29. The next stop for the artwork will be Integrity First Bank branch near Walmart July 2- 20. The final stop will be Donald W. Reynolds Library July 23 – Aug 10.

A reception for winners will take place at Donald W. Reynolds Library on Thursday, August 9, 2018, at 5:15 p.m. Best in Show Grand Prize will be $100 and a prize package. More cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each category will be awarded. A special thank you to all judges, sponsors, photographers, local schools, KTLO and The Baxter Bulletin for promoting the contest.

Winners by category are:

BEST IN SHOW (People/Lifestyle category) Donell Russell of Mammoth Spring, AR (Photo Attached)

Adventure Category – 1st Place, Debbie Moore of Viola, AR; 2nd Place, Paul Port of Lakeview, AR; 3rd Place, Debbie Moore of Viola, AR; 4th Place, Ralph Moore of Viola, AR; Honorable Mention, Donell Russell of Mammoth Spring, AR; and Honorable Mention, Debbie Moore of Viola, AR.

Living Creatures Category – 1st Place, Rachel Bolick of Lakeview, AR; 2nd Place, Donell Russell of Mammoth Spring, AR; 3rd Place, Marjorie Jones of Mountain Home, AR; 4th Place, Margaret Phillips of Mountain Home, AR; Honorable Mention, Ralph Moore of Viola, AR; Honorable Mention, Sharon Boatright of Gassville, AR; and Honorable Mention, Ardith Jenkins of Yellville, AR.

Macro/Close-up Category – 1st Place, Marjorie Jones of Mountain Home, AR; 2nd Place, Ralph Moore of Viola, AR; 3rd Place, Alan Herrmann of Mountain Home, AR; and Honorable Mention, Ralph Moore of Viola, AR

People/Lifestyle Category – 1st Place, Twila King of Mulberry, AR; 2nd Place, Ardith Jenkins of Yellville, AR; 3rd Place, Alan Herrmann of Mountain Home, AR; 4th Place, Margaret Phillips of Mountain Home, AR; Honorable Mention, Ralph Moore of Viola, AR; Honorable Mention, Ashley Martin of Summit, AR; Honorable Mention, Brandon Belcher of Mountain Home, AR; and Honorable Mention, Onita Snider of Mountain Home, AR.

Plants/Nature Category – 1st Place, Rachel Bolick of Lakeview, AR; 2nd Place, Margaret Phillips of Mountain Home, AR; 3rd Place, Neauman Coleman of Mountain Home, AR; 4th Place, Ardith Jenkins of Yellville, AR; Honorable Mention, Brandon Belcher of Mountain Home, AR; Honorable Mention, Marjorie Jones of Mountain Home, AR; and Honorable Mention, Neauman Coleman of Mountain Home, AR.

Selfie Challenge Category – 1st Place, Neauman Coleman of Mountain Home, AR; 2nd Place, Paul Port of Lakeview, AR; and 3rd Place, Ashley Martin of Summit, AR.

I Love the Twin Lakes Area Category – 1st Place and 2nd Place, Debbie Moore of Viola, AR; 3rd Place, Patricia Gamelin of Mountain Home, AR; 4th Place, Ralph Moore of Viola, AR; Honorable Mention, Donell Russell of Mammoth Spring, AR; and Honorable Mention, Brad Runsick of Salesville, AR.

Unique Lighting Category – 1st Place, Ralph Moore of Viola, AR; 2nd Place, Brad Runsick of Salesville, AR; 3rd Place, Donell Russell of Mammoth Spring, AR; Honorable Mention, Ashley Martin of Summit, AR; Honorable Mention, Danny Moore of Viola, AR; Honorable Mention, Paul Port of Lakeview, AR; and Honorable Mention, Ralph Moore of Viola, AR.

Youth Category (12th Grade and under) – 1st Place, Mallory Pierski of Mountain Home, AR; 2nd Place, Armin Mortazi of Mountain Home, AR; 3rd Place, Jacob Weaver of Mountain Home, AR; Honorable Mention, Elizabeth Harris of Mountain Home, AR; Honorable Mention, Harlie Holmes of Mountain Home, AR; and Honorable Mention, Kelli Jo King of Mountain Home, AR.

For more information, please contact Mindy Fulcher at ASUMH, 870-508-6149,

Arkansas State University-Mountain Home announces its eighth season of the Performing Arts

Bacon-Brothers-CreditJFasanoKevin Bacon and his brother Michael kick off the eighth performing arts season at Arkansas State University-Mountain Home (ASUMH) with a “Bacon Brothers” show on June 20.  The season continues in September with piano showman David Howarth on September 16.  On November 15, Brass Transit will present a tribute to the music of Chicago.  Tony-award winning Broadway musical Evita takes the stage on March 14, and the season closes with the Doo Wop Project on April 7.

Tickets go on sale for the full season on May 23 and individual show tickets go on sale May 30.

Season tickets include all shows for $130, which saves $20 if purchased separately. Tickets and show information can be found at or by calling 870-508-6280.

Bacon Brothers – Wednesday, June 20, 2018, at 7 p.m.


Fiercely devoted to making music, even from an early age, the Bacon Brothers share a singular body of work that’s found them spending more than 20 years of working the road and paying their dues.  The result is eight albums: Forosoco (1997), Getting There (1999), Can’t Complain (2001), Live: The No Food Jokes Tour (2003), White Knuckles (2005), New Year’s Day (2009), Philadelphia Road (2011) 36 Cents (2014),  and The Bacon Brothers (2018).  Never content to be typecast, they are fiercely devoted to the cause of making music, undeterred by fame, fortune or the pitfalls that frequently obstruct the path to success.

Kevin Bacon is an award-winning actor with 80 films and dozens of television and stage credits to his name, resulting in numerous Emmy and Screen Actor’s Guild nominations. Older brother Michael initially began making music in their native Philadelphia before moving to Nashville where his songwriting career blossomed by leaps and bounds. An Emmy-winning composer, he most recently scored the documentary “That Way Madness Lies” currently on the festival circuit. Other recent works include the audiobook: “You Don’t Look Your Age…and, Other Fairytales” and the HBO documentary “RX: Early Detection with Sandra Lee” which premiered at Sundance this year.

While casual observers may be awed by their Hollywood credentials, critics have been quick to note that the brothers eschew any hint of glitz and glamour in favor of an ethic gleaned from the hard lessons that come as a result of determination and drive. The band includes Michael on vocals, guitar and cello and Kevin on vocals, guitar, and percussion. With them on stage are the musicians that have been with them since the beginning – Paul Guzzone (bass, backing vocals), Joe Mennonna (keyboards, accordion), Ira Siegel (lead guitar, mandolin, and backing vocals) and Frank Vilardi (drums).

Tickets for The Bacon Brothers are $35 for adults, $17.50 for students, plus fees.

David Howarth – Sunday, September 16, 2018, at 3 p.m.

Haley Cultural Arts Endowment

David Howarth - Promo Pic 2 (Horizontal).jpg

Originally from the UK and now based in Branson, Missouri, David Howarth is one of the most versatile and exciting pianists around today. Trained at the Royal Northern College of Music in England, he delivers a fresh approach to piano entertainment with his unique and exciting arrangements of America’s favorite music.

Music critics have described David as a ‘Pianist of Distinction’ and have commented on his ‘impressive technique’ and ‘incredible composure and control.’ He has performed his piano shows all over the world and has received top ratings on all the major cruise lines including Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Princess, NCL, Holland America, Silversea, Regent, Seabourn, Crystal, P&O, and Cunard.

David has also composed, produced and arranged music for some of the world’s finest musicians and singers, and his unique style of music plays on radio stations all over the world.  The Haley Cultural Arts Endowment presents David in the eighth season.

Tickets for David Haworth are $20 for adults, $10 for students, plus fees.

Brass Transit – Thursday, November 15, 2018, at 7 p.m.

BT composite w logo cent lg_preview.jpeg

Brass Transit was formed in 2008 and brought together eight of the most talented and accomplished award-winning musicians. Their sole purpose was to pay tribute to one of the world’s greatest and most successful pop/rock groups of all time, Chicago.

Since then, the group has toured North America dazzling audiences with their flawless performances and spectacular attention to every detail of the Chicago songbook.  Hits like Saturday In The Park25 or 6 to 4If You Leave Me NowYou’re the Inspiration have left crowds in awe and on their feet more than once during a show. The group evokes comments like “spine-tingling,” “brought me back to my youth,” and “perfect in every detail.” Brass Transit goes far beyond just imitating the songs; they embody the music.

The group recently produced their first CD taking top hits from the 70’s and recording them with horns in the Chicago style. A result is their fresh approach to some of the greatest hits of that era.

Tickets for Brass Transit are $30 for adults, $15 for students, plus fees.

Evita – Thursday, March 14, 2019, at 7 p.m.


Eva Peron enthralled a nation and enchanted the world. Her story unfolds in Evita, the Tony-award winning Best Musical, a high-flying theatrical experience adored the world over. Tim Rick and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s groundbreaking musical captures the rise and fall of one of the world’s most glamorous first ladies in this classic Broadway and London hit.

The musical concentrates on the life of Argentine political leader Eva Perón, the second wife of Argentine president Juan Perón. The story follows Evita’s early life, rise to power, charity work, and eventual death. The musical began as a rock opera concept album released in 1976. Its success led to productions in London’s West End in 1978, winning the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Musical, and on Broadway a year later, where it was the first British musical to receive the Tony Award for Best Musical.

The success of the musical was the inspiration for a major 1996 film of the musical starring Madonna and Antonio Banderas. The musical employs an eclectic range of styles from classical to rhythmic latinate, and ballads, including its most popular song, “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina.”

Tickets for Evita are $35 for adults, $17.50 for students, plus fees.

Doo Wop Project – Sunday, April 7, 2019, at 3 p.m.

DWP garage.jpg

From bop to pop, the Doo Wop Project covers the evolution of a sound! Three parts Jersey Boys, two parts Motown: The Musical and “not your grandma’s doo-wop,” these five charismatic, Broadway stars with their five-piece band tear it up, with musicality, dancing, and showmanship not found with any other group in the world!  They “re-doo” classic Doo Wop songs from the 50’s and 60’s and make them sound fresh and new. They take contemporary pop hits by stars like Jason Mraz, Amy Winehouse, Adele and Maroon 5, and “doowopify” them!   This show is the perfect entertainment for people of all ages!

Tickets for the Doo Wop Project are $30 for adults, $15 for students, plus fees.

All shows take place in the Ed Coulter Performing Arts Center inside the Vada Sheid Community Development Center on the campus of Arkansas State University-Mountain Home, 1600 South College Street, Mountain Home, AR.  For more information, contact Christy Keirn at ASUMH by calling (870) 508-6109 or visit for tickets.

Herd and Haught Complete Training

Amanda Herd and Allison Haught of ASUMH recently completed training consisting of 120 hours by the National Career Development Association.  The training was presented by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Herd and Haught were presented certificates for completing the Facilitating Career Development Training program by Dr. Maria Markham, Executive Director of the Arkansas Department of Higher Education.

DSC_0142Dr. Maria Markham and Allison HaughtDSC_0140Dr. Maria Markham and Amanda Herd

ASUMH’s Phi Theta Kappa Chapter Receives Honors, Inducts 13 New Members

PTK (1)

The Beta Iota Epsilon chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at Arkansas State University-Mountain Home (ASUMH) received numerous awards at a recent meeting of the PTK Oklahoma-Arkansas Region. The meeting, held in March, coincided with the induction of 13 new members into the chapter.

Awards received include:

2018 Distinguished Chapter Award – Top Five Chapter

Distinguished Chapter Officer Award – Top Five, Melissa Penn

Distinguished Chapter Advisor Team Award – Dr. Cyndi Crisel and Dr. Rebecca Baird

Distinguished Chapter Member Award – Top Five, Alexandria Bales

Distinguished Chapter Officer Team Award

Distinguished Chapter Advisor Award – Dr. Cyndi Crisel and Dr. Rebecca Baird

College Project Hallmark Award – Top Five

Honors in Action – Hallmark Award — Top Five

Five Star Chapter Plan – Five Star Chapter Award to Beta Iota Epsilon Chapter

And 2018 Distinguished Theme Award: Theme 5

Spring 2018 Phi Theta Kappa Inductees include Hunter Beshears, Gracie Craig, Katrina Humbert, Dana Kelly, Heather Kite, Michael Leppold, Jimmy Martin, Bethany Maskell, Courtney Mellein-Mosier, Curtis Mowry, Jenny Nassimbene, Lorynda Tye, and Angel Uchtman.

Established by Missouri two-year college presidents in 1918, Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society serves to recognize and encourage the academic achievement of two-year college students and provide opportunities for individual growth and development through honors, leadership and service programming. Today, Phi Theta Kappa is the largest honor society in American higher education with more than 2 million members and 1,200 chapters. The Beta Iota Epsilon Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at Arkansas State University-Mountain Home was established in April of 2000.

For more information, contact Dr. Rebecca Baird at (870) 508-6139 or

# # #

Photo: Dr. Cyndi Crisel, Dr. Robin Myers, Lori Tye, Jenny Nassimbene, April Woods, Angelina Soliz, Jimmy Martin, in front of Jimmy Martin is Kelsey Yearwood, Courtney Mellein-Mosier, Heather Kite, Melissa Penn, Dr. Martin Eggensperger, Dr. Rebecca Baird

Dr. Cyndi Crisel recognized as an outstanding alumnus of Phi Theta Kappa at Catalyst, 2018

20180421_162418 (1)

Dr. Cyndi Crisel of ASUMH was recognized as an outstanding alumnus of Phi Theta Kappa at Catalyst, 2018. The Alumni Award of Appreciation recognizes Phi Theta Kappa alumni who support the current and future members of the Society. Catalyst, 2018 was the national meeting of the Phi Theta Kappa organization and was held in Kansas City, MO, April 21-22.  Dr. Crisel is an advisor to ASUMH’s PTK Chapter and is an assistant professor of social science.

The 13th annual Twin Lakes Area Digital Photo Contest is NOW ACCEPTING ENTRIES

new photo contest ad

The 13th Annual Digital Photography Contest is now accepting entries with cash prizes in the following categories:  Living Creatures, I Love the Twin Lakes, Adventure, People/Lifestyle, Plants/Nature, Unique Lighting, Selfie Challenge, Macro/Close-Up, and Youth/Grade 12 and Under.  Best in Show will receive a $100 prize. Entries are accepted online from April 20 – May 8, 2018.
Link to the rules and details.
Direct link to the secure entry page is below.
This event is sponsored by ASU-Mountain Home, Integrity First Bank, The Baxter Bulletin and Donald W. Reynolds Library Serving Baxter County.
Contact Mindy Fulcher with any questions at or 870-508-6149